The Company

We are a brand new company with many years of military experience. I served as a infantry soldier and travelled all over the world, training and serving with the best.

Now I’ve put my years of experience into our company. Selling only British Army surplus and equipment. We don’t sell any cheap nasty items that would let you down in the field. Everything we sell has been tried and tested all over the world in many different terrains and temperatures.

Our company only specializes in genuine British Army Surplus. From brand new combat clothing including grade 1 clothing and equipment slightly used, but in other wise excellent condition. If it doesn’t look good it goes in the bin.

Our selling ranges are from  MTP (Multi Terrain Patten) & DPM (Desruptive Patten Material). All types of military clothing including trousers, Jackets, goretex waterproofs, T shirts, jumpers, boots,
tents, Jerry cans,Survival equipment, etc.

Prepping if you have not heard of it before is becoming very popular in the U.K. Its about preparing for a emergency situation, i.e from the very common flooding distasters which we have a lot of these days, to power cuts, food shortages, fuel strikes even terrorism which sadly we are now living with – and its wont be going away. So if any of the above happens how do we survive? Are you prepared to have enough supplies and equipment to save your family. The answer for me and my family is yes. We store three months food supplies and lanterns camping stoves sleeping bags, Jerry cans of spare fuel, the list is endless.

Its easy to prepare for these situations you just have to do it. If you don’t, then don’t complain when its too late.
If you have to leave your house in a hurry, for example flooding riots etc, many preppers have a trailer ready to hook on to their car at a moments notice . Full of every item you can think of i.e tent stove food clothes water lanterns etc . A lot of people are now buying solar power units which are superb pieces of kit.

One last prepping item is called a bug out bag (BOB). It’s a rucksack containing all the essentials to survive and to get you back home.
Many keep them in their car or carry them every day – (EDC) Every Day Carry. We are currently designing our own bug out bags complete and ready to go.
They will contain around 40 items from Aasault pack bivi bag stove 24 food pack torch solar panel mobile phone and much more. These bug out bags are made for what the U.K weather throws at us. Some of the bug out bags I’ve seen carry 6 inch blade sheath knife, axe and machete, If you were to be stopped and searched by police you would be arrested so be careful what you buy. My bug out bags aren’t cheap. They contain the very best quality items all tried and tested. We are not preparing for the jungle, but for the U.K. These bags will save your life. A lot of thought and design have gone into these. It gives SHELTER, WARMTH, FOOD. The gift of life.
We supply to Cadet Organisations, Preppers, Scouts, Paintball Players Airsoft Groups and other likewise organisations.

So that’s our company introduction. We look forward to supplying you with what your looking for.


Stay Safe  diehard52lloyd.